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Our custom framing department has a large selection of moulding to frame your precious portraits, oil paintings, memorabilia, such as jerseys, metals, antiques, and just about anything else...

Art and photographs are important parts of your home. They can represent your point of view. They can remind you of good times or family.

Having your custom picture framing done by Marchand's can make sure that they stay safe. Residents of the Gonzales and Duplessis areas have been using our quality service to preserve family heirlooms and artwork for years.

Affordable prices make it easy for anyone to protect their favorite pictures. Hundreds of customizable framing options make it easy to find the perfect choice for your home. Friendly customer support is there when you need an answer or another opinion. There is no finer business to purchase your custom picture frames from!

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Uses for custom picture framing

How can custom picture framing improve the look and feel of your home? It depends on what you use it for! There are many reasons to consider framing your pieces. Being able to customize the size, style, and color can make all the difference. Mirrors, artwork, and photographs all look beautiful with a nice frame. But there are plenty of unique ways to place frames around your home to make your design really shine. Here are some of our favorite uses for custom picture framing:

  • Decorative mirrors: A decorative mirror can do wonders for your home. Mirrors are traditionally used to make a room appear larger. They give the illusion of wider walls. Doubling the space in a small room can make even tight rooms feel more comfortable. You can also use mirrors behind candles for an enchanting floating light at night. Gilded styles with intricate carvings can make a bedroom mirror seem more elegant. A simple bathroom vanity frame can make your classic design look more complete. There are so many possibilities.
  • Family portraits: Being proud of your family history can still work with your interior design. Family portraits are nice to look at, but a cheap frame is not. Cheap frames can also damage pictures by not protecting the photograph or tearing the edges. Having an oddly sized photo or print can also make finding a frame difficult. Choose a custom picture frame for the best fit and protect your family portraits!
  • Art pieces: Art is unique. Shouldn’t the frame you use to display it be unique too? Finding a frame that complements your art pieces can make them stand out. It can also help tie a room together by drawing colors from the rest of your interior to the custom frame design. Abstract pieces look best with simple, striking frames. Landscapes are classic pieces that can be paired with carved gold frames. Artistic photos look beautiful with bright white mats and thick black frames. Finding the perfect way to express your creative side has never been easier!

Many business will charge sky high prices for the level of customization that we offer. But you can get your custom picture framing work done at a fraction of the cost of other local competitors! You get the quality that you need in a frame that will make your pictures look their best. Simply tell us what style you think will best suit your home and we will create a customized picture frame that works for you. Begin building your perfect picture frame online or at our Gonzales location. We offer the best solutions for your home interior at affordable prices every day! Get custom picture framing for less at Marchand's.

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