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Glass & shower doors at low prices

There is something effortless and classic about a glass door. Finding shower doors can add the same elegant feeling in your bathroom. You can shop for both at Marchand's! We offer low prices to the residents of Gonzales and Duplessis on high quality glass and shower doors.

Quick delivery makes it easy to get started on your remodeling project sooner. You can also find fast installation services at low rates.

Shopping becomes more convenient for you because everything is in one place! Now updating your home is fast and affordable. Need a second opinion? Customer service is never farther than a quick call or email away. Consultants are always standing by to help answer your questions and offer their insight. We make it simple to make your home more beautiful while saving money!
Glass & shower doors in Gonzales, LA from Marchand's Interior & Hardware

An elegant home with glass

There is an undeniable grace that glass doors bring to a home. They are unlike any other material and are sure to make a statement. Best of all, we offer customized styles. You can get a glass door that expresses your personal style. Curious how a glass or shower door can make a difference in your home? We’re here to help. Here are some of our favorite traits of glass doors for showers and other parts of the home:
  • More natural light: Natural sunlight is flattering in any home. It creates a warm, inviting atmosphere. You can also consider this a “green” approach to lighting your home. You will save money on energy bills by using less artificial light. You can even advertise your home as an “eco-friendly” household if you are attempting to sell it! Adding blinds can make the amount of light adjustable without detracting from the beauty of a glass door.
  • Opens up rooms: Do you feel cramped in a small household? Do you want to expand a small room? Glass doors function like mirrors in the sense that they make a room feel larger than it is. Because there is no visual block between one space and the next, it looks like they just continue indefinitely. You are left with a more open space that feels comfortable!
  • Easy to maintain: Glass doors are amazingly simple to care for. They can’t stain so you won’t have to worry about scrubbing them. Smudges left by hands can be wiped away with a simple glass cleaner and a soft cloth. If you have children, you can enjoy one less worry knowing that fingerpaint and peanut butter can be wiped right off. And the surface is non-porous, so there is no concern when it comes to sterilizing it for flu season. It’s that easy!
  • Allows for customization: Glass can be a beautiful touch in any part of the home. This is in large part due to the fact that there are so many choices! You can have your glass door engraved with special patterns. For an office, you can have your insignia carved into the surface. Bathrooms look elegant with floral pieces etched into the shower doors. And we offer different levels of visibility. You can allow light in without sacrificing your privacy. It is a perfect fit for nearly any room!

Find your perfect glass and shower doors at Marchand's! Our experts improve homes in the Gonzales and Duplessis areas with affordable products and services every day. Call (225) 412-6858 to request more information or visit our showroom.