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Refinish your hardwood floors for less

Refinishing your hardwood floors can extend their life and keep them beautiful. You can save money by refinishing instead of replacing your hardwood floors. Finding the best service for your home is easy when you come to Marchand's. We provide the best prices and results for homes in the Gonzales and Duplessis areas.

Every homeowner with hardwood floors reaches a point where their flooring begins to look dull and worn. Scratches in the finish and residue from improper cleaning can make your home look dirty. Without proper care, these unsightly spots can become permanent damages. Extend the life of your floors with our complete hardwood refinishing service!

The benefits of refinishing

Having hardwood floors is often the source of a homeowner’s pride and joy. They are beautiful, strong, and last for decades when cared for properly. But all too often, improper maintenance and everyday wear and tear begin to take their toll on the surface. The flooring begins to look dull and dirty. Scratches and gouges in the finish make hardwood look old and unpleasant. Worse still, permanent damage can set in if the problems aren’t addressed.
Hardwood refinishing in Gonzales, LA from Marchand's Interior & Hardware
An improper finish can allow moisture to seep in, causing the wood to warp and swell. After years of mistreatment, you’ll be faced with repairs or worse, replacements. Avoiding all of that stress is easy, however. All you need to do is request our refinishing service! Here are some of the great benefits you get when you choose us to restore your floors:
  • Make your flooring stronger. You won’t have to dread the moment that a cup of water is knocked off the table. Pet accidents will be unpleasant, but no cause for panic. Constant foot traffic won’t be a concern. You can move furniture or walk across the floor with heels on without a second thought. Living in a busy household means that accidents are just bound to happen. Prevent further damage to your hardwood by making it strong enough to hold up under pressure!
  • Prevent expensive damages. Because your floors will be stronger, you won’t have to worry about hefty expenses in the future. Replacing an entire hardwood floor can cost a lot, especially if you have already invested in the hardwood you have now. Repairs can also be costly depending on the extent of the damage. Your best option is to keep the finish strong by refinishing your floors periodically.
  • Make your flooring more attractive. The most obvious benefit of refinishing your hardwood floors is to make them look better. You will no longer have to look at ugly scratches, gouges, and scuffs in the finish. The floors will look vibrant and renewed. You will be able to appreciate the details in the wood grain and the beautiful color of your floors again. This can take years off of your home and even improve your property value.

Most of all, you are ensuring that your floors last for years to come. Refinishing is recommended by most hardwood manufacturers in terms of regular maintenance. Having the proper finish applied to your floors can keep them strong, beautiful, and safe for years.

Trust the experts with the health and longevity of your hardwood floors by choosing Marchand's for your next refinishing job! We provide service to homes in the Gonzales and Duplessis areas for less. Stop by our store or call (225) 412-6858 to learn more about the services we offer or to make an appointment.