All About Grout

Did you know a grout color can completely change the look of a room? This one small decision can give your home the WOW factor! Our experts are here to guide you through the process of making the best grout choice to achieve the look and style you envision.?

On top of selecting the perfect grout color, we are here to educate you on what type of grout is best for your project. Marchand?s carries the complete line of Bostik Sundries. Below we have highlighted the benefits of their grout products below. All grouts can be used both inside and outside and applied to the walls, floor and ceiling.

Sanded/ Unsanded Grout

These are the most common types of grout. Although sanded and unsanded grouts are closely related, they are used for different scenarios. Sanded grout is typically used for larger joints and natural stone; whereas unsanded grout is normally used on very small grout lines or on glass to prevent scratching. Both of these grouts have an antimicrobial protection.

Vivid Grout

Bostik?s vivid grout can be used in place of sanded or unsanded grout, but has a stain resistance built into the grout so it does not require additional steps after installation. It is also more consistent in color throughout the job.

Urethane, TruColor

Bostik?s TruColor Urethane is a premixed grout that has all the benefits of vivid and sanded, but adds chemical resistance to the mix. It is commonly used in wet areas such as showers, although it can be used in all areas.

Epoxy Grout

Epoxy is the highest tier of grout in price point and quality, but it is harder to clean up than the grouts listed above. It does not require sealant, it is not porous and it is resistant to damage and bacteria growth. It is a two-part grout that needs to be mixed and is used more for commercial applications over residential.

Now that you are armed with basic information on the different types of grout, let us help guide you through the selection process. Visit us from now to the end of July for discounted grout upgrades.?WOW savings for a WOW factor. Come by today!?