Do hardwood floors add value to a home?

Do hardwood floors add value to a home?

If you?re looking to add extensive value to your home, wood flooring is a great way to accomplish the task, even if the materials are only added to a single room. Today, we?re going to tell you more about why this is true and how you can benefit from it, so read along with us here.

Engineered or solid hardwood flooring?

One of the things that makes hardwood flooring so valuable is the extensive lifespan that comes with it. For instance, solid hardwood flooring can easily last more than 100 years, as we know by looking at the floors in any historic building.

That means solid wood is likely to be your best option for the most value, but we can't forget engineered products either. The fact that these products are an excellent below-grade hardwood alternative gives it a significant amount of value as well, along with other characteristics you'll find in this product specifically.

Another valuable trait in this flooring line is refinishing the floors once you see wear showing. The service brings the wood back to a like-new appearance and gives you many years of renewed appearance before the process needs to be repeated, so stop by today to find out more.

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