Flooring Type Pros and the Cons

Alright, you?re ready to install some new flooring to spice up the room, but after looking around and talking to the neighbors, you are still unsure about which one of the seemingly endless possibilities fits the best visually and practically.

When deciding a type of flooring, there are plenty of things to consider: climate, practicality, comfort,?appeal and much more. In the end, the choice you land on should make you happy! Here are a few tidbits about various flooring styles to think about when you?re browsing:

Natural stone is very nice to look at, and it can be the pride of any room. However, with its looks comes hefty installation costs and upkeep. Stone floors are absorbent, and they can scratch just like hardwood. Homeowners need to take great care not to drag or drop anything damaging, because this sports car of flooring is very high maintenance!

Installation costs can vary for tile floors, because they may require subflooring.

However, apart from the routine mopping and sweeping, tile tends to take care of itself! The creativity used in deciding tile is also seen as a huge benefit for those with all kinds of imaginations and ideas. Tile boasts many colors, shapes, textures and designs to match almost anything in any room. The big downside ? or upside depending on where you live ? is that tile is cold on bare feet.

Much like tile, carpet has potential to make a room glow with creativity and fashion. Along with its looks, maintenance means vacuuming and the occasional replacement and repair. Installation costs change depending on the carpet quality and padding underneath the installation. A few cons about carpet are its susceptibility to harbor dirt and particles in the air that could make allergies flare up. Carpets are also renown for their unhelpful habit of soaking up spilled liquids that stain. Although there are cleaning chemicals to remove stains, nobody wants to resort to that!

Hardwood and its engineered kindred are what makes any living room special Wood comes in a variety of colors, and it can be cleaned and shined to reflective perfection! Although engineered hardwood doesn?t need padding underneath, and it is easier to maintain, regular hardwood is accident prone to the max, and it requires subflooring.

Hardwood is easily scratched, and moisture can warp it. However, hardwood can be refinished and sanded down multiple times. Hardwood can last for decades if cared for properly. The big tradeoff for wood is looks and durability for careful and potentially regular maintenance ? but the result is worth it!

Laminate flooring is a great all-around alternative to some of the more expensive and susceptible floor types.

The appeal to laminate is its inexpensive installation costs, softness when compared to harder floors, the design variety, and its ease of use for DIY projects. However, it can be damaged by water and cannot be refinished. Laminate looks nice, is easy to install, and won?t empty your bank account ? what?s not to like?

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