Four top hardwood flooring trends

Four top hardwood flooring trends

Wood flooring is classic, timeless, and versatile to work in any residential or commercial decor. It also brings warmth and charm to a room.

Here are some standout trends for 2022. These are all continuations of current design trends, so you can be sure they'll have staying power.

Rustic textures

Rustic design is a go-to, and this year it's especially popular with the interest in organic, natural products. In addition, textures are currently trending hot ?with rustic ones especially so.

The most popular ones include brushed, hand-scraped and distressed.

Unusual layouts

Horizontal strip patterns are long-lasting favorites in wood flooring. Now, however, we're seeing more and more Random Width Floors, which are groups of planks sizes in different widths.

Also popular is the Herringbone layout. It's a resurgence of the 70s trend when the Herringbone became the first parquet pattern!

Engineered hardwood

Solid hardwood flooring is one thickness throughout. Engineered hardwood is layered.

A layer of species (such as oak, maple, hickory, etc.) is on top. Underneath are three or more layers are genuine wood combined with a bit of resin and placed in a crosswise position.

The result is a stable floor and a better ability to handle water.

Whitewashed floors

You'll see species in all shades when you walk into our hardwood flooring company. One of the most popular is the whitewashed floor.

These have a relaxed, rustic look; light wood highlights the grain pattern. Over time, these floors develop a patina that becomes desirable in interior design plans.

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