Is tongue-and-groove installation necessary with hardwood flooring?

Is tongue-and-groove installation necessary with hardwood flooring?

The tongue-and-groove wood flooring installation choice is a great one. It works well anywhere it's used and gives a long and impressive lifespan.

If you're unsure about this option for your flooring needs, this is a great time to learn more. Here are some facts that could be just what you need for your project.

What is a tongue-and-groove flooring installation?

This installation method uses a "tongue" on one side of the floorboard and a "groove" on the other. The pieces fit together to form a tight seam, with an excellent connection between boards.

This solid hardwood flooring method is known as a "floating" floor because the boards float over the subfloor material. The perimeter is still secured with nails or adhesives for a secure fit.

When to use tongue-and-groove flooring?

Anywhere you need wood floor installation is an excellent place to use this method. It's one of the best and faster ways to install wood.

Better still, taking them up is a much easier process if you choose to replace the materials.

More installation facts

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