Ride the Storm with Marchand's

Hurricanes travel across the Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico seems like a landing strip while the storm-prone South is usually the final destination around this time of year but Marchand?s can help you prepare.

Citizens of Louisiana, in particular, cannot afford to be underprepared during these upcoming weeks as more hurricanes appear on the radar. According to dosomething.org, Hurricane Katrina offers humbling reminders of the natural tragedy that struck:

-It was the third strongest hurricane in the United States
-80 percent of New Orleans was underwater
-It was the costliest hurricane on record
-90,000 square miles were affected

Since 1949, Marchand?s has offered a plethora of services in all manners of home construction and d?cor. With storm season still lingering on the doorstep, Marchand?s is focusing on storm preparedness and recovery

One of the most effective ways to keep property damage at a minimum during a storm is prevention. Marchand?s array of home supplies is made with the highest-quality materials and are designed to last.

Upgrading your house to modern standards can bulk up your home. Consider installing new floors and molding to stop water from seeping through any cracks. Sturdy doors and stronger glass windows with shutters can also prevent rain and wind from making their way in.

However, if your home does sustain damages from storms, Marchand?s will be there to provide assistance. After the floods of 2016, Marchand?s extended a helping hand to a community in need, and they can work with you to bring your house back to normal.

With countertops, bath fixtures, cabinets and more, Marchand?s offers custom services and experience that you need for any unwanted or unexpected situation. Contact us today!