Spring Cleaning: Turning Your House Into a Home

Spring is the season for cleaning, renewal and reclaiming your home from the wear and tear of time, making your house uniquely yours. Are you ready to bring back a little personality into your home for the warm and rainy months? Here are a few ideas to think about as you revive your home?s charm:

Practical Flooring

There are many aspects to a room that can affect the overall feel. When it comes to floors, both textiles and solid ground have very different effects. Carpets and rugs can be used to absorb sound, removing echoes and giving contrast to a solid color floor. Wood and tile flooring do the opposite of carpet: sounds and voices bounce around the room, making the area seem much bigger than it actually is. Whichever feel you go for, flooring is one of the biggest design choices for your home, so think about it carefully. The rest of your home?s personality may revolve around what you pick!

It?s the Little Things

What are the biggest pieces you use to define a room? Is it the furniture, wall color or flooring? Compliment the more prominent features of your room with the smaller but necessary tidbits. Faucets, door handles, lampshades, backsplash textures, and light switches are only a handful of the many subtle elements of your home that can add character.

The Power in Displaying Art

Art is an area where your imagination can really define a room. From abstract, wall-sized pieces in the den to framed paintings of fruit in the breakfast nook, now is the time to let your tastes come to life. There are an innumerable amount of designs, colors, and textures to choose from, so focus on a room?s theme, and find art that speaks to you.

Control Your Light

Determining how much light enters a room can change the tone dramatically; so, compliment a room?s theme with the proper amount. ?For instance, if you have a game room, you will likely want to have curtains and shades to remove glare from natural light. Or, you may want to install dimmable light bulbs. On the other hand, if your kitchen has multiple light-colored features, such as cabinets, granite and tile, bright bulbs and uncovered windows can really make the room shine. ?Each room can have varying amounts of light to add personality and feel. Spring is the perfect time to update or refresh your window treatments.

Marchand?s is ready to help you reclaim your home?s personality this Spring. Whether you?re searching for the perfect photo frame or just in need of new home decor to spruce up your space, we?ve got you covered. Stop by for all your interior and hardware needs to make your next big housing project fantastic!