Yes, That Would Look Good in a Frame!

Christmas is right around the corner, so surprise the family with a largescale, expertly framed portrait of everyone posing on the beach. ?Unless, you would rather frame that expensive autographed Drew Brees jersey for yourself. Whatever you decide, now is a great time to think about putting your favorite d?cor in a frame that could make any room stand out even more. ??Photos, posters, prints and a plethora of other memorabilia can be framed, and here are a few reasons why you should:

Simply You

Express yourself by adding a bit of flare and personality to a room or office.

Trick out your game room with those Super Mario posters you?ve always wanted to hang up, or make your man cave truly yours by framing your action figure collection of the New Orleans? Saints team.

No matter what you decide, just know that there will only be one of whatever you are framing ? and that makes it unique.

Shop Local

Companies that specialize in interior d?cor bring passion to every framing project they handle, because you know them, and they know you.

They are part of the community, so when customers are satisfied with a project, they?re satisfied too.

We Do It Right

Craftsmen pride themselves on getting your framing job done right the first time. The trained staff has seen it all, so go ahead and share your next great idea that needs a picture-perfect frame.

Frames on Frames

Professional designers can help you pick out the right custom frame for any project you bring in.

The most important word is ?custom.? There are hundreds of framing colors and styles to choose from, so the possibilities are truly endless.

Frames that Last

Customized projects are built with the intention of making them strong enough to stand the test of time. Frame mouldings are made of the highest quality materials and colors to meet your needs.

Because of that, there is no need to worry about scuffing your lucky baseball card collection. They?ll be safe and sound for years to come thanks to experienced craftsmanship!

Come see us here at Marchand?s for holiday framing ideas and gifts. We can customize your project?s size, style and color to make a design really shine. Stop by today for exceptional quality and affordable prices!

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