Your Floor?s Unseen Stabilizer: Underlayment

Much like the layers of a cake, your home?s flooring likely has several stacked materials that help in a number of ways.

But what is underlayment, and what does it do? Here are a number of ways the underlayment pad can assist your finished floor:

  • Add a sound barrier and reduce sound transfer
  • Moisture, mold and mildew shield
  • Extend the life of the floor

Should I be aware of anything when choosing underlayment?
Yes! When picking out underlayers, consider these questions:

  • Do you even need underlayment? Ask one of our professionals if the floor you are interested in requires an underlayment.
  • What type of underlayment is best? Different types of flooring can require special underlayment. Our staff can guide you in your selection of underlayment.

Are you thinking about remodeling your home?s floors? Let Marchand?s be your guide through the installation process. Our underlayment pads are half off throughout the month of May, so come see us!